We Remember Jane’s Cat. 

Back to NYC

Sending our warmest thanks to all those we got to meet and perform for on this last tour through the Southeast. The venues were great and the audience was wild. We’ll keep you updated per the next time we hit the road. 

For now, back to NYC performing. Matt’s off to his honeymoon. J’s off to find more honeys. 

(In Picture L to R: Mitch Wheeler, J., Matt Baetz in Knoxville ).

10/6/12 on Asheville FM

Tonight, we’ll join Ben Atkins on Your Only Option. Stream world-wide! 

Tour featured in Asheville Disclaimer

Much love to The Asheville Disclaimer! They welcomed us to the historical Grove Park Inn last night. We’re both infatuated with Asheville! As seen above

Tonight we’re gearing up for Greenville, SC. with a great line-up at The WPBR Radio Room.

The Mariya Alexander Show


The Single & Married Comedy Tour will be featured on The Mariya Alexander Show.  Subscribe to her podcast and download the forthcoming episode.

Single & Married Comedy Tour hits The Erik Ainge Show


We’re pumped to join The Erik Ainge Show on Tennessee Sports Radio on Thursday morning. Tune in or stream world-wide.

The Single & Married Comedy Tour in the Metropulse - Knoxville

Much love to the Metropulse for covering The Single & Married Comedy Tour. Knoxville is a great comedy town. We look forward to performing there.


Matt’s last appearence on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.


We’ll be doing our first run on The Single & Married Comedy Tour in the following cities in the next two weeks:

10/3 - Blacksburg, VA - Attitudes

10/4 - Knoxville, TN - The Speak Easy 

10/5 - Asheville, NC - Grove Park Inn

10/6 - Greenville, SC - The Radio Room

10/7 - Baltimore, MD - High Tops

We hope you’ll join us.

Single & Married


Greetings America!

In the coming weeks we’ll be unloading a load of content on Earth. By a ‘load’ we mean a comedy tour and a number of sketches that are being shot and developed as we speak.

We hope you’ll join us in the cities we tour and continue to share, re-post and love the sketches we’ll eventually post. If you don’t, J will have to go live with his Mother and Matt will be forced to watch Bravo with his wife every day. 


J & MB